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What is Recyclable in our area?

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Why should I recycle?

Recycling prevents land from being used unnecessarily for landfills, lowers our need to resource extraction and reduces energy consumption.

What can I recycle?


Don’t worry about the numbers. As long as the plastic is a bottle or jug, you can recycle it! Just make sure the plastic bottle has a mouth smaller than the rest of the container. Rinse the container, don't worry about the label, and lids are okay if left on the empty bottle.


Any color, any size as long as the glass is a bottle or jar. Remove the lid and place in your bin or cart separately (but don’t worry about the label) and rinse out the container before placing in the bin or cart.


All food related metal cans go into your bin. No need to remove the label but do rinse out the food can.


If you can tear it, you can put it in your bin/cart (with few exceptions). All types of paper, paperboard (i.e., cereal boxes, frozen dinner boxes, 12-pack beverage containers, etc.), paper cartons (remove caps or straws), and cardboard are recyclable, even if they are glossy! For shredded paper, place in a clear plastic bag to help prevent littering. You can even recycle clean pizza boxes.  

Looking for a place to recycling odd items? check out:

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